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Bella Crystal Custom Collection

The new Bella custom collection gives you several ways to customize the bag of your choice. Here are the few steps it takes to create the matching bag for your customer or brand. 

1. Pick your design or logo and send us the file. We will create a marker/emblem that can be attached to the front side of your bag. As always you have the option to have your design logo encrusted with Swarovski crystals. (see pink bag example above) If this is not a custom job, you may pick from the many designs already available (see charms/ballmarkers page).
2. Would you rather (or additionally) have your logo ebossed into the leather? (see orange tote bag above) 

3. Pick your material combination and thereby create the desired price. 
Our tote bags are available in:
- Nylon/Calfskin Leather
- Canvas/Calfskin Leather

Clutches, Card Cases and other bags are available in:
- Synthetic Leather
- Calfskin Leather

If you have any questions regarding custom jobs, please contact: 

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