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Bella Crystal Collection products are officially licensed by SWAROVSKI.

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is the premium brand for finest crystal elements manufactured by SWAROVSKI. The label "MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS" on products serves as a sign of authenticity and the highest standards of design. Only with an official license can one be sure that the product is not a much cheaper, inferior imitation product.

Bella Crystal Collection uses the maximum stones on each design. Other brands take a short cut by embedding as few crystals as possible to add some “bling”. Bella succeeds in presenting a “jewelry like” appearance by maximizing the number of crystals on each design.

Our crystals are purchased from Swarovski in the USA to assure that you do not receive a plagiarized product with potentially dangerous lead content.  Customer protection and safety is our highest priority.  Only with a License number issued directly from Swarovski can you be certain to receive the real thing.  Other, lesser crystals produced in China or Egypt, contain unsafe high levels of lead. They are not color true, will easily crack and crumble, and not uniform is size.

Swarovski complies with all up-to-date US regulations in regard to consumer protection and consumer health. Do not accept fake products from suppliers that use crystal or glass from China with dangerously high lead content.

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